michael & krista

May 2, 2017

Sunlit orchard engagement session

From the second I met Michael & Krista, I knew they'd be the greatest clients. It may sound clich√©, but it's true. These two share the kind of love that everyone dreams of, and their relationship is so pure and sweet that I almost cried at their engagement, but real cried at their wedding. For their engagement session, Michael & Krista wanted to head to Niagara on the Lake (one of my favourite places ever) to get photos by the lake, in the park, and around town. On my way into town I saw the most beautiful orchard, but thought nothing of it because it was very much shaded and dark. We met down by the lake and enjoyed an hour shooting (and also cracking up because these two are hilarious). While we were looking for another spot, I noticed where the sun was setting (I never know which way is east or west) and prepared to beg them to follow me on the five minute drive to the orchard I'd passed earlier. I didn't need to beg, however, because these two exclaimed that they trusted me and we drove to the orchard. Best. Decision. Ever. The golden hour light hit the blossoms (yay for spring!) PERFECTLY. We had so much fun smelling all the beautiful cherry blossoms and shooting some of my favourite images ever. When the film scans came back a week later, I almost cried. Film + golden hour + a beautiful, happy couple = pure magic every time. Thanks for trusting me, Michael & Krista!